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SNORE Australia is Australia's largest provider of sleep studies. We offer unattended 'Level 2' studies performed in the patients own home.  Our company's mission is to provide high quality, affordable, sleep studies, so that every referred patient can achieve optimal medical care regardless of their financial status. SNORE offers patients and referring doctors an unsurpassed, comprehensive, state-of-the art service for diagnosing and treating patients with sleep disorders.

How to Book a Sleep Study

As SNORE Australia is a medical provider and you are under the care of our Credentialed Sleep Physicians, a referral from your doctor is required. 

Once your referral has been received, our staff will contact you to offer a suitable appointment and ensure the correct investigations for you are arranged.

You may like to:

  • Print a referral form to take to your GP
  • Visit your GP and discuss your symptoms
  • Phone 1800 076 673
  • Fax 1800 176 673
  • Email Us

Download a referral

To allow us to promptly review the referral and offer the patient a convenient appointment time, please ensure the patient's name, date of birth and contact phone numbers are clearly visible. Referrals can be FAXED to any of the following numbers:

*Note: Most referrals are interchangeable - we will always attempt to offer the patient the most appropriate study location.




The information contained within the SNORE Australia website is intended for educational and informational purposes only. This information must not be used as a substitute for advice from your medical practitioner, and must not be considered as medical advice. Please seek professional medical attention if you are ill or suspect you are suffering from an illness. Do not delay seeking medical assistance because of information you have read on any internet site.


SNORE Australia Privacy Policy available here.

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Medicare Changes - Effective 1 November 2018

Added: 1 November 2018

From the 1st November 2018, Medicare are rolling out changes to item codes 12250 (Home Based Sleep Study) and 12203 (Laboratory Based Sleep Study).

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