Appointment process

SNORE Australia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

Sleep Problem

The sleep investigation process starts with the identification of a sleep problem. Common sleep problems include disruptive snoring, observed sleep apnoea, daytime sleepiness, excessive tiredness, poor memory or concentration, waking unrefreshed, restless legs, morning headaches or disrupted sleep and insomnia.

Referral to SNORE Australia

If you have a sleep complaint, discuss the issue with your General Practitioner, who can refer you to SNORE Australia for assessment and treatment

Referral review

When your referral is received, one of SNORE Australia's Consultant Sleep Physicians will review your referral to determine the most appropriate course of action (such as an overnight sleep study or a clinical consultation). If additional information is required, one of our specially trained staff may contact you to obtain additional information

Sleep study

Having a sleep study is easy: a sleep study (polysomnogram) is a non-invasive way to measure your body's physiological processes while you sleep (click here for more information on sleep studies). Our sleep studies are performed by experienced Sleep Study Assistants using state-of-the-art digital recording equipment, combined with our sleep laboratories with infrared video monitoring and recording.

Results and treatment recommendations

Your sleep study will be analysed by a highly-trained Sleep Scientist (who is a member of the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists; BRPT), and one of our Credentialed Sleep Physicians will prepare a full medical report with comprehensive treatment recommendations to your doctor for your sleep problems. We will notify you when your results have been finalised.

When a CPAP titration study or follow-up diagnostic is required

For patients who are found to have obstructive sleep apnoea which our Sleep Physicians do not feel is likely to be treated satisfactorily with conservative measures, a consecutive overnight study is arranged in order to trial Continuous Positive Airways Pressure (CPAP) and establish the exact pressure which is required (this procedure produces superior results compared to other methods, such as using automatic CPAP machines).

For some patients who are not recommended CPAP, a follow-up study to assess the effectiveness of the recommended treatments may be recommended.  In this instance, we will provide you with information on the study and one of our helpful staff may contact you to arrange the necessary follow-up

Clinical consultations

Consultations with our Credentialed Sleep Physicians are available at some locations. These appointments are billed at AMA rates.  Please contact SNORE Australia to find out about Clinical Consultations in your area. 

Home trial of CPAP treatment

Where appropriate, and depending on the results of the above CPAP titration study, patients with OSA are then referred to our preferred, independent CPAP equipment-supplier, Air Liquide Healthcare, although all patients are invited to deal with other commercial suppliers if they prefer (click here for more information for Air Liquide Healthcare)


To ensure ongoing success in the treatment of your sleep problems, we will periodically follow-up on your progress.