Dietary inaccuracies are effecting weight-loss.

Added: 28 August 2011

New research has found that previous assumptions regarding reduction of kilojoule intake and weight-loss has been massively over-estimated.

The Lancet has recently published a study which shows it takes more than three years to lose just one kilogram of body weight as a result of cutting out 100 kilojoules from daily intake.

This information is in direct conflict with previous information from dieticians over the past few decades who have apparently incorrectly basing weight-loss predictions on inaccurate data.

For example, the “old model” suggests that cutting out the intake of one chocolate bar per day would result in the loss of 35.4kg over three years.  The “new model” suggests that this is an over-estimation and the reduction of one chocolate bar per day for three years would result in the loss of only 11.3kg.

With the obesity epidemic worsening globally, it is essential that this type of information is indeed accurate.

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