Dr Tolhurst Discusses Sleep Apnoea and Snoring Treatments on ACA

Added: 7 April 2011

Dr Sean Tolhurst, one of SNORE Australia's Specialist Sleep Physicians, appeared on channel 9's A Current Affair program recently to discuss snoring, sleep apnoea, and some of the treatments available for these conditions.


Nearly everyone knows someone who snores, a problem which is affecting more and more people.  "As the Australian population becomes more obese and gains more weight, the incidence of snoring, both simple snoring and problematic snoring, becomes higher each year" Dr Sean Tolhurst told ACA. 


Snoring is not only a problem for bed-partners, but is a major health concern in Australia because many patients who snore also have sleep apnoea.  


"Sleep apnoea is where you stop breathing at night.  When you stop breathing your oxygen levels fall very low. The two organs of the body that need the most oxygen are the heart and the brain. One of the main consequences of untreated sleep apnoea is a significantly elevated risk of heart attack, and risk of stroke."


Some patients with sleep apnoea can stop breathing up to 80 or 100 times per hour each night.  "These are the patients we are desparate to treat, because we can significantly reduce their cardiovascular risk, we can reduce how tired they feel during the day, and we can take away a lot of their symptoms."


SNORE Australia performs full, 'Level One' overnight sleep studies, which are the gold standard in diagnosing snoring and sleep apnoea, along with all other sleep-disorders.  If you are concerned about your or your partner's snoring, we recommend you discuss this with your GP, who may recommend a sleep study.  There are many treatments available for snoring and sleep apnoea, however a full overnight sleep study is usually required so that appropriate, individualised treatment recommendations can be made.


Many of the treatment options for snoring and sleep apnoea are discussed here and detailed information on sleep apnoea can be found by clicking here.  


You can watch the full ACA segment video here

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