SNORE Australia's History

SNORE AUSTRALIA is one of Australia's largest groups of sleep disorder centres.  We have been providing sleep diagnostic studies since 2000. We offer patients and referring doctors what we believe to be an unsurpassed, comprehensive, state-of the-art service for diagnosing and treating patients with sleep disorders.

All of SNORE Australia's Sleep Clinics operate on the basis that the first step is that after a referral is received, one of our Credentialled Sleep Physicians assesses the patients’ symptoms and, if appropriate, the patient then proceeds to a Home Based Sleep Study. Detailed management recommendations are provided to the referring doctor, together with extensive advice and educational material specific to each patient's diagnosis.

Educational material is available to patients also and we encourage our patients and referring doctors to take advantage of our website, which is kept up to date for this reason.  When necessary, we speak to the patient and/or the referring doctor in order to clarify clinical issues. 

Approach to CPAP treatment

The approach we have developed over the years to the management of CPAP treatment is also uniquely different from most other sleep groups.  We invite those of our patients who need to trial or commence CPAP treatment to seek any commercial supplier, but we recommend that they attend our preferred supplier, Air Liquide Healthcare.  

This company provides a very extensive range of brands of CPAP masks and CPAP equipment, it provides full education and counselling to patients, and highly professional mask-fitting.  All patients are monitored for problems and compliance at regular intervals.  Initial equipment-hire is encouraged so as to avoid the situation in which patients purchase CPAP equipment but do not persist with this treatment, which can be expensive.  Our patients are also able to trial multiple masks if necessary, at a nominal cost and on-going advice and consultation are provided at no charge in all of our major clinics and also by telephone.

In addition, we are happy to refer eligible patients to the QHealth CPAP Program, which provides CPAP equipment to patients free of charge.