Provent therapy

Provent is a new treatment that is available for patients with snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), and it is now available on Australia.  It is registered with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Register for the purpose of treating obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA).

Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA)

OSA is a sleep-related breathing disorder, where the airway collapses during sleep, resulting in snoring, and periods of airflow restriction (called hypopnoeas) and/or airflow cessation (called obstructive apnoeas).

Detailed information on OSA is available here.


Overview of Provent Therapy

Provent Therapy uses small, disposable devices that attach over each nostril with hypoallergenic adhesive.  Each device contains a small valve that allows almost unrestricted airflow into the nostril, but limits the flow of air out of the nostril.  This creates an Expiratory Positive Air Pressure (EPAP) that acts as a pneumatic splint to hold the airway open during sleep, assisting in the reduction of snoring and the elimination of hypopnoeas and obstructive apnoeas.

Provent mechanism of action

The small adhesive Provent valves cover the nostrils, and control nasal airflow to create an Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure EPAP), which works to reduce snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea events.


Suitable patients

Provent Therapy can be used by patients who are seeking an alternative to continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) or dental appliances such as mandibular advancement splints (MAS).  Provent may also be used in conjunction with CPAP (i.e., used instead of CPAP when travelling or when sleeping away from home).

Patients who are eligible for Provent include:

  • Patients for whom Provent is recommended by a Sleep Physician during an clinical consultation (based on sleep study findings, symptoms and the patient’s treatment-preference and suitability for Provent treatment)
  • Patients who have been diagnosed with OSA who have yet not started CPAP therapy and wish to avoid CPAP
  • Patients who have trialled CPAP therapy after being diagnosed with OSA but have either not tolerated CPAP or have or demonstrated poor CPAP compliance
  • Patients currently using CPAP who wish to use Provent as a secondary OSA therapy (e.g., while travelling, sleeping away from home)



How to trial Provent Therapy

SNORE Australia does not sell Provent Therapy devices (or any specific treatment products, including CPAP machines or CPAP masks).  However, we do perform overnight sleep studies on patients using Provent to ensure the treatment is effective for the individual patient and that Provent is the optimal treatment given each patient’s symptoms, sleep study diagnosis, medical conditions and personal factors.

The recommended approach to trial or commence using Provent is:

  1. Discuss Provent Therapy with your doctor and/or Sleep Physician
  2. Provent can be purchased in “starter packs” that include devices with varying valve strength to help each patient become accustomed to the treatment
  3. Arrange an overnight sleep study with SNORE Australia to be performed while you are using Provent Therapy (after initial period of acclimating to the treatment).  A special pack of Provent devices with cannula attachment is required for the study, and can be purchased from your Provent supplier
  4. Attend your Provent sleep study at one of our BULK BILLED sleep centres or one of our PRIVATE HOSPITAL sleep laboratories for patients who are privately insured, DVA or self-funded
  5. With your permission, SNORE Australia will provide you and your Provent supplier with information about your sleep study, the effectiveness of the device and Sleep Physician recommendations for you
  6. SNORE Australia recommends that patients using Provent Therapy have a follow-up study every 12 months to ensure your OSA treatment is optimal

Provent may not be a suitable OSA treatment for some patients, such as patients who:

  • Have been diagnosed with very severe obstructive sleep apnoea and other complex breathing disorders
  • Require BPAP, ASV or oxygen therapy
  • Have been diagnosed with central sleep apnoea
  • Are pregnant
  • Have a nasal abnormality that results in the adhesive EPAP device not adhering properly to the skin
  • Have an allergy to the adhesive content of the device

In all circumstances, our Consultant Sleep Physicians will advise the best treatment for each individual patient.  

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Provent mechanism of action

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