Why choose us

SNORE Australia has been providing a comprehensive range of sleep studies for more than ten years.  We aim to provide the highest standards of care in sleep investigations and sleep-disorder management.  

In addition to being the country's largest provider of sleep studies and our established reputation for quality, there are a variety of reasons you should choose SNORE Australia:
  • We perform ‘level 2’ unattended polysomnograms, in the comfort of the patients own home
  • Short waiting times for patient appointments
  • Efficient service, with rapid turnaround of reports
  • Comprehensive, personalised sleep-study reports for each patient, incorporating medical history, diagnosis, and up-to-date treatment recommendations.  We have fast report turnaround times, and give priority to professional drivers and patients whom daytime sleepiness is an occupational risk
  • Simple report formats, designed to be understood easily by General Practitioners and their patients
  • All studies are analysed by experienced scientists who are members of the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT)
  • Welfare of patients is our constant focus
  • The bulk of SNORE’s sleep studies are bulk-billed; the principal alternative facilities for bulk-billed studies in SNORE’s locations are the public-hospital services provided by respective state governments; we believe that many patients prefer the personalised services we provide in our small, stand-alone private clinics to those offered in large facilities.